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Operation service

24/7 pulling the ropes

Our Planning and Operations Department is responsible for organising the streamlined transport. Mainly remaining backstage, our staff members are planning and monitoring the realisation of rounds. That goes on for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Software for Express and Funeral transport

Verstraaten invested and integrated total software packages (BS automation) for optimising the complicated administrative and logistical processes. The software allows them to offer an even better service.

“What if” scenario

Would you like to see a ‘what if’ scenario? An analysis of “What will happen if …”? We can provide it with a press of the button, and proceed with measures to improve the efficiency. Such as an alternative route planning or using bigger equipment (minibuses for 12 or 15 passengers).

Analysis and cost containment

You do not have to earn the money you can save on expenses. Cost containment is a hot topic in our current economic climate. The ‘what if’ scenarios are very useful for analysing expenses, giving you a chance to better contain the costs. Cutting the costs by 15% to 30% is a realistic prospect.

Operational tasks

Are you looking for a partner who will take over your planning and operations? We can take care of it, using our operations team in combination with our advanced planning software. The system guarantees the on-line exchange of route and rounds data, and continually monitors the implementation and quality thereof. Transports are then arranged by local colleagues / taxi operators. Your advantage within this outsourcing procedure? One professional contact partner who is always on call.
Would you like to know what the Verstraaten operations unit could do for your business? Please contact us.

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