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Mission & Vision


Together with subcontractors and innovative partners, Verstraaten gives substance to its leading role in providing quality transport for people, packages and objects of all kinds and in all sizes. The charges are transparent and in line with the market. Reliably and with a Dutch spirit of enterprise, our 32 staff members take care of new initiatives. As well as safe, efficient and fast transport. And always with the client’s interest in mind. Verstraaten aims for profitable growth. This will not only contribute to the business targets but also to the economic and social development.


Verstraaten aims to lead the way on the Dutch market for the transport of passengers and courier services. They want to work smarter than the rest. And they want to play a leading role within the world of transport of people and packages by joining forces with innovative partners. The free market system and economic circumstances may never compromise the quality of services. That is because: Quality gets people further.

Quality gets people further

That is close reasoning. At the same time, it is a message only few providers in the transport industry are actually willing to listen to. Verstraaten delivers such quality at a price in line with the market.

Verstraaten’s promises

  • We deliver quality work. Everywhere and at any time. In people, processes and within the organisation.
  • We deliver people and packages in time and safely at the final destination.
  • We think that people are important. Proper interaction between staff and clients.
  • We think ahead and deliver added value. We go the extra mile.

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