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Services & Transport

Range of transport services

Services & Transport

Verstraaten believes in fast and careful quality transport at a fair price in line with the market. Verstraaten believes the use of innovative tools will make things even better, faster and more efficient. Under the banner of the Verstraaten group, our various business units can offer a range of transport options.

  • Verstraaten express 
  • Transhipment service
  • Warhousing
  • Ketenregie
  • Funeral transport
  • Operation service

On-line booking system

Our Express clients can make use of our on-line booking system, which is not only easier but also more efficient. Self-service in booking and requesting specific extras. Or check at what hour the passenger will be picked up. The on-line booking system gives you detailed information. The linked management information option also allows for clients’ reports. The system is designed to help the user and not the other way round.

Verstraaten always live

The on-line booking system is always accessible. We are also on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so we can personally attend to the needs of our clients.

On-line web portal

For our funeral service we offer our customers and partners an online web application for real-time insight information for all the orders. This application also provides various information about the communication between client and contractor.

More transparency

Would you like to experience an alternative way of transporting people or packages and all sorts of objects first-hand? No hidden costs, but a transparent tariff? As well as an open and personal attitude in all communication? Please contact us.

Open mind

We are always open to criticism. A client’s experience can be a sign to evaluate or proceed with the service. We really appreciate clients sharing their experiences, ideas and criticisms with us. Please let us know! Mail or phone our quality coordinator with your opinion.

E-mail: servicedesk@verstraatengroep.nl.

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